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Distribution ERP Software Highlights

Wholesale distributors face intense pressure from customers who want more choices, faster fulfillment and at a reasonable cost. Globalization has intensified competition too providing distributors the opportunity for growth in new markets.

For those organizations who are in a mixed distribution and manufacturing environment, Sage ERP X3 provides unique opportunities especially if they need to manage multiple currencies, languages and legislations. It is ideally suited for wholesale distributors who purchase goods for resale to either rend customers or other parties within the supply chain.  You will be able to manage inventory allocation routines and automate landed costs. A full suite of applications which help you control overall costs and improve service and delivery include:

Distribution ERP Software Highlights

  • Warehouse management
  • Inventory allocation and sourcing
  • Sophisticated pricing and promotion management
  • Logistics
  • Customer relationship management
  • After sales service


With out of the box functionality and the availability of optimized third party solutions specifically for the manufacturing & distribution market, a Sage ERP X3 solution provides you with the ability to collect data to RFID and other data collection equipment. Shipping software helps you select the least costly shipping method, track shipments and automate customer shipment notifications.

Let the experts at Software Link show you some of the many solutions in distribution erp software that can help your business become more profitable.

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