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manufacturing ERP Software Highlights

Proprietary and stand along manufacturing software packages are available, however, for a manufacturer to be successful and competitive, the best option for an ERP solution is one that is tightly integrated as it needs to manage the complete manufacturing operation. ERP solutions that are purpose built for manufacturing enable you to manage financials and scheduling, the shop floor, maintain quality control while at the same time delivering analytics that provide insight into the entire supply chain to enable decision making utilizing the data collected in the ERP system.

Sage ERP X3 was designed to manage the complex requirements of manufacturing companies, regardless of type. With Sage ERP X3 you are able to:

maufacturing ERP Software Highlights

  • Streamline and speed up procurement, manufacturing and customer management processest
  • Increase productivity and deliver better customer service
  • Collaborate across your entire supply chain of partners, suppliers and customers
  • Manage supply and demand to reduce inventory carrying costs and its associated risks
  • Customer relationship management
  • Manage global business with multi-currency, multinational, multi-jurisdictional functionality and more.


Manufacturing companies today use ERP systems to streamline their operations, address customization requirements and manage complicated supply chains. ERP software enables the integration of every aspect of procurement, production and delivery for manufacturers regardless of whether they a made to order, process or discrete manufacturer. It is important to understand the needs and requirements of the manufacturing process before an ERP solution is selected.

Let the experts at Software Link show you some of the many solutions in manufacturing erp software that can help your business become more profitable.

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