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Manufacturing Software that specialize in Process Manufacturing

Today's process manufacturers and distributors face many challenges in operating a profitable organization, from external market factors – such as government regulations, global competition, customer demands and pricing – to internal factors – like your reactivity and flexibility in dealing with changing business conditions. While you need practical and affordable solutions to these pressures, you also seek new ways to enhance your company's operational excellence and profitability. Software Links team of experts has over 20 years in the process manufacturing industry.

Fine-tuned to meet your specific industry requirements, Sage ERP X3 provides the advanced functionality you need to remain competitive in the face of these difficult challenges.

Benefit from Process-Specific Functionality

Sage ERP X3 combines advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting functionality with application features that address the unique and specialized needs of your company, such as:

sage ERP X3 process manufacturing Highlights

  • Formula management
  • Weight calculations
  • Potency management
  • Full component/ingredients and lot traceability
  • Electronic signatures with transaction audit traceability
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Sophisticated pricing and contract management
  • Shelf life management with expiration date control
  • Advanced order fulfillment and inventory allocation procedures
  • Product packaging
  • Highly repetitive and high volume process flows

  • Comply with Government Regulations

  • Accessing the information required for government reporting is a time consuming process. Sage ERP X3 helps your company comply by providing a convenient and efficient way to gather and monitor relevant process information and eliminating manual procedures throughout the manufacturing process.

    Protect your Business

    In order to help minimize the risks of a product recall, Sage ERP X3 provides complete forward and backward lot traceability. A full audit trail and archive of historical transactions is maintained for multi-year periods. The fully integrated quality control process rigorously enforces inspections to assure item conformance to any required characteristics, operational tolerances or expected results.


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